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WAG is the most popular and well-known gymnastics discipline and one of the most popular sports at the Summer Olympic Games. The competitive program of women’s artistic gymnastics is comprised of four events that include vault, uneven bars, beam and floor. Gymnasts compete in all four events to achieve an all-around score.

It is an incredibly challenging sport, requiring strength, power, flexibility, agility, courage and a combination of technical precision and artistic creativity. When these elements are mastered, the performances appear almost effortless and are riveting to watch.

Each year our recreational gymnasts are invited to test for positions in the competitive program. Children who show a strong aptitude for the sport are invited to join various groups depending on the age, level and competitive stream. Competitive training is an excellent foundation for athletes keen on developing overall core strength, balance and focus.


Vaulting requires speed, explosive power, quickness and precision. There are 4 phases of vault: the pre-flight, support, after-flight and landing. The vault table is 125 cm. in height with a runway of 24 meters in length. Gymnasts are expected to land cleanly with no hops or steps and within a set landing zone on a mat. They must demonstrate good technique, height, length and form in the actual skill they are performing.

Uneven Bars

The Uneven Bars demand strength, concentration, courage, co-ordination, precision and great split-second timing. A minimum number of skills, bar changes, direction changes, grip changes and flight elements must be demonstrated in a routine followed by a dismount with controlled landing. The overall effect of the most spectacular of the women’s events, will demonstrate difficulty, form, technique and smooth composition. Gymnasts are expected to demonstrate unrestricted swing, continuous movement and precise execution of tricks, all accomplished in a seemingly effortless manner, with no hesitations, despite the considerable strength required.

Balance Beam

The Balance Beam requires excellent balance, flexibility, co-ordination and extreme concentration. Routines on Beam consist of dance elements, turns, jumps, leaps and acrobatic elements in different directions, mount and a dismount. The apparatus that is 125cm. in height and only 10 cm. in width requires the gymnast to demonstrate control in all movements, from the most graceful to the most dynamic. A well created and executed balance beam routine should give the impression of grace, control, flawlessness and ease as if done on floor, but in all reality, it is the most difficult of all the women’s events.

Floor Exercise

The Floor Routine is a combination of tumbling lines, acrobatic and dance elements, leaps, jumps and turns choreographed to music. This event, above all others, allows the gymnasts to express their personalities through dance and musical style. The music should complement the gymnast’s routine in every way. The gymnasts are expected to show difficulty, artistry, precision, originality and variety in tempo, while allowing expression of one’s individual personality and entertainment. Dance and tumbling ability, combined with the creativity and personality of the individual performer, make this event one of the most beautiful, daring and exciting athletic events.

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